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WHAT WE BELIEVE:  We believe in bringing together those who of like mind and spirit who are want to make a difference by lifting up the work of women around the world.

WHAT WE DO:   Fundraise, volunteer and travel to women-led causes who are changing the world.  Find out if you qualify to be one of our causes.

HOW WE DO IT:  Issue grants to women who are changing the world, volunteer for these causes to help create impact, and travel to locations where we can help make a difference.



Women Like Us Foundation
Together...helping women change the world.

"We bring together women of like mind and spirit who want to leave the world a better place by lifting up the work of women around the world."

CEO and Cofounder Linda Rendleman

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"We bring together women of like mind and spirit who want to leave the world a better place by lifting up the work of women around the world."

CEO and Cofounder Linda Rendleman

- See more at:

Our goal:  To bring together those of like mind and spirit who want to leave the world a better place by lifting up the work of women around the world.



JOIN WE...The Women Effect to volunteer and travel with us



Network with like minded women who are the heart of Women Like Us.  Come together with others who are volunteering, traveling and supporting women and girls who are changing the world! Be a part of WE... Find out more...



Women Like Us Foundation has made an impact in communities throughout the world through our support of women-led supporting our 4 pillars of:



Economic Development

Health and Human Services


Past Accomplishments supporting women-led causes.

Past accomplishments include humanitarian service travel and financial support of Ramana’s Garden Orphanage in India; Shanti Uganda Birthing Center in Uganda; N A Noel Preschool in Kenya; El Yue Women’s Center in Telamanca, Costa Rica; and children of Carbon School in Costa Rica.  We have been instrumental in creating awareness of Human Trafficking and supported victims through our programs to re-entry. Our teen girl program has impacted hundreds of girls through our group mentoring programs, service and travel opportunities.


Signature Women Like Us Foundation Program

One Girl at a Time Program- Deb Myers/Angela Palmieri
Indianapolis, Indiana/Los Angeles, California

Through life skills workshops, self-esteem building classes, resources for education and partnerships in the community, these girls gain the opportunity to create rich lives for themselves and their families.

An important component of the One Girl at a Time Program is the humanitarian travel, which is offered to girls who qualify.

Jessica Fellowes, Author of The Chronicles of Downton Abbey - See more at:



Do You Know a Woman-Led Charity that could use our help?  CLICK HERE for the application to start the process of support through Women Like Us Foundation.


We bring together women of like mind and spirit who want to leave the world a better place by lifting up the work of women around the world.


Women-Led Causes that have been supported by Women Like Us Foundation through fundraising and humanitarian travel.                           

Costa Rica

Telamanca is a community two miles inland from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.  It has about 300 inhabitants spread on a large area of about 1 square mile. The current primary school receives partial aid from the Government and, mainly, from the willingness of the principal/teacher as well as some of the parents of the children.  

Women Like Us Foundation currently supports the children of the Telamanca area and the El Yue Women's Center through our One Girl at a Time Program.  Each year we award girls the opportunity to give back by traveling here for a week, meeting the children, supporting the humanitarian efforts of Peace Through Yoga, an Indiana based company, and giving back through volunteering.

Over the years, Women Like Us Foundation has helped fund teachers, clean water, bicycles for transportation to the school and programs for the children to enrich their lives. 

Each year we travel to Costa Rica and take our participants in the One Girl at a Time Program.  Humanitarian giving is an important part of that program. 



WLU  N.A. Noel Preschool Chapter is dedicated to providing quality education, including tuition, uniforms, books, and a school, as well as meals and medical treatment to the children of Rusinga Island in Kenya, Africa.

Indiana Women's Prison recently made 264 mosquito nets for our children there...Thank you!

Women Like Us Foundation is traveling to Rusinga Island, Kenya to support the N A Noel Preschool through volunteering.  We are currently raising funds for this initiative and are planning activities and projects for the school and the children.  Find out more here.




The physical, emotional and spiritual well being of communities impacted by war, poverty and HIV/AIDS in Uganda is an important intitiative.  Women Like Us Foundation has raised funds for the Shanti Uganda Birthing Center, where 80% of the women giving birth there are infected.  Partnered with the birthing center is the New Hope School and Orphanage which we have supported, as well.  We have traveled to Uganda with a group of 20 women who volunteered and raised over $15,000 and $5300 in in kind donations for the work of this charity.






Through humanitarian trips and fundraising efforts, the Women Like Us Foundation has supported children in Rishikesh, India with clothes, books, computers, educational proograms and health services.  It is through these initiatives that children are able to have the opportunity to work within their caste system to create change and improve conditions of their familites.  Raising funds to assist in building a girl's dormitory was one of our projects.  We traveled to India and lived in an Ashram while we worked with the children.


Luong Ung-Campaign for a Landmine Free World

Somaly MamSomaly Mam Foundation- Empowering survivors in the fight to end sex slavery

Linda Smith- Shared Hope International-  Working to irradicate sex trafficking

Geena DavisGeena Davis Institute on Gender in Media- Working in the entertainment industry to improve gender portrayals.


A WLUF One Girl at a Time Program is the signature program of Women Like Us Foundation. Teen girls are our future and they are, indeed, future Women Like Us.


Indiana One Girl at a Time Program

One of the goals for Women Like Us Foundation is to raise funds for enrichment scholarships for girls. The scholarship would includes a mentoring program and a short-term international humanitarian trip.

Women Like Us Foundation acknowledges the need for better prepared and educated youth within our own communities. Through this program, these high school girls can become our partners and serve as future committed and engaged women in making a substantial difference in all of our futures. These participants will also realize that they can be good will ambassadors for the United States, while becoming culturally literate of the world in which they live.

Hollywood One Girl at a Time Program

The mission of the WLUF Hollywood  is to give at-risk, inner-city tween girls an opportune mentorship program that enables them to build confidence and seek out all realms of success. Women empower girls with interactive and enriching activities enabling them to develop their potential and blossom into Women Like Us.







Fighting Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution

Women Like Us Foundation was instrumental in creating awareness of Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution in the city of Indianapolis during the super bowl of 2012.

We continue to be a part of this important initiative and are a member of the Indiana Attorney General's Task Force.

We continue to speak out against the atrocities and the degradation of women and children through speaking at events, posting resources and information, and supporting women-led causes that do the same.

The steps in this process are below.

- Rescue
- Recovery
- Counseling
- Reintegration
- Eradication

Eradication efforts include raising global awareness of the cause through social media, the entertainment industry, celebrity voices,speaking engagements, and by promoting university and high school involvement.

RESCUE  - Once victims have been identified, funding is used to have an investigative report completed and submitted to legal workers who engage the police and appropriate agencies, setting the legal process in motion.

RECOVERY - Once rescued, the victim is taken to a safe house.   In addition to safety and protection, the center offer a medical and psychological assessment, evaluation of educational and social development, childcare, and legal assistance.

COUNSELING - A counselor is part of the safe houses.  Other types of healing activities offered in centers include: yoga, traditional dance,meditation, and art therapy.

REINTEGRATION - After completing a comprehensive recovery process,survivors are ready to make the transition back into mainstream society as productive, thriving citizens.


Putting an end to human trafficking may seem an impossible task for one person, but every individual can do his or her part. Know the signs of human trafficking so you can report it.

Look over the indicators of human trafficking to become more informed:

  • Are there travel documents & ID? Who has control of these?
  • Were the individual traveling to destination for specific job, but engaged in different employment?
  • Is the victim forced to perform sexual acts as employment?
  • Are there juveniles engaged in commercial sex?
  • Does the victim owe money to employer or does employer hold wages?
  • Does the employer instruct the victim on what to say to law enforcement/immigration officials?
  • Can the victim freely leave employment/situation?
  • Are guards at work/harboring site or video cameras to monitor/ensure no escapes?
  • Does the victim have freedom of movement? The ability to freely contact family/friends or socialize/attend religious services?

This information and more can be found at

Keep your eyes open and speak up.


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